Porsche Panamera II

The new edition of the Porsche Panamera shakes off the massive tail and rolls off the end of 2016 with an attractive rear vehicle on our roads. But first things first, because still bears the Panamera II on the first exit in South Africa its prototype Fluff. AUTO BILD has been the first tour ever and has the 422 hp V8 diesel four-wheel drive, the 4S with 440 hp uprated V6 and the new Turbo (549 hp) seated in the passenger seat.

No more bosses: The silhouette of the new Panamera is much more fluid than its predecessor.

First goes diesel in the curve dance. More specifically, the diesel 4S; the S stands as theCayenne for the eight-cylinder. The weighty diesel has to distribute at least 850 Nm. This task is an amplified eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, which will cope with up to 1000 Nm.

Although we register the extra punch, but even more interest arouses the entirely new cockpit with the large touch screen and the redesigned instruments, of which only the central mechanical tachometer was acquired.Immediately visit three displays with five different layouts and a variety of additional functions. First impression: Less buttons do the Porsche well!

The 4.0-liter diesel accelerates with sore throat and a deep voice in 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h is more than 300 km / h. Even better is the 550-hp turbo, the sprints in just 3.7 seconds.

As a track Turbo rowdy

Slim and agile

Class leader: The Panamera has an electric roll stabilization via switchable stabilizers.

Is made possible by the optimized aerodynamics and the new material mix, which saves 100 kilos of weight, while increasing the dynamic torsional stiffness by up to 50 percent. Series are all-wheel drive and the revised three-chamber air suspension that can maintain their comfort promise in connection with the fat 20-inch wheels, but only conditionally. The first available rear-cost extra.

The top petrol engine is louder, harder, deeper, from many viewing angles even a trace rowdy. The LED lamps Quartet peeping out black caves, the centrally divided rear spoiler unfolds at 100 km / h full size, the attachments to make thick pants that put four tailpipes the full roar.

Winner of passenger Rating: the Panamera 4S

A novelty in this class is the electric roll stabilization via switchable stabilizers for Porsche. In combination with electronically controlled air suspension and rear axle of this high-tech Extra reduces body movements to a minimum, improves the manageability of the five-meter car and ensures a decent basic comfort.

“In conjunction with the new electric power steering system, these elements bring more feedback,” says series director Gernot Döllner.V8 diesel or V8 Turbo? Neither. Most passenger points collects the Panamera 4S with the developed by Audi and adapted by Porsche V6. The high-revving, rapidly responsive 3.0-liter has 440 hp and 570 Nm. This particularly agile variant is considered the precursor of the next GTS..