The New VW Polo

Im basically could VW simply unscrew the logo from the factory roof and instead bold “MQB” anchors on the facade. These three letters are in the years to characterize the majority of all VW series. They stand for the newly developed modular transverse matrix, the in the new Audi A3 debuted and also the next Polo will serve as a base.

The advantage: Between Front and pedals ensure uniform dimensions for reduced costs, while the wheelbase and track width can be varied. It creates VW to build in the same assemblies in many different models, down from the Passat to give the Polo. The next generation 2015 at the earliest to celebrate its debut, because the current model is selling dazzling.

Audi gave, VW has taken away – the base was Audi 50

The new Polo follows the trend of narrow, two-part lights that visually pull the tail in the width.

The first VW Polo was nothing more than a slimmed Audi 50 for the general public.The more telling, the A1 – the legitimate successor of the Audi 50 – is based on the platform of the current Polo.  From VW-Suzuki alliance was nothing, therefore, makes the Polo SUV at least wait until 2016 to be.

So we come full circle. By contrast, the VW is breaking new ground, his character remains largely faithful. In the length it takes hardly, to not measuring more than four meters from the actual blockbuster customers Golf distracted.The wheelbase on the other hand will increase by about five centimeters; which mainly benefits the rear legroom.

Design Technically, today is difficult to say what will bring VW in three years on the market, but our draftsman presented the draft presented here an interesting combination of elements of the city car Up On the front apron and a much more aggressive drawn version of the new VW face that the Wolfsburg first time on SUV concept Cross Coupe has shown at the Tokyo motor Show last year.

At the rear, fall to slim design of lights whose distinctive LED graphics even at night ensures a high recognition value. In addition – the period from A3 predetermined trend, – a two-part design of the lights, which makes it possible to the rear visually pull in the width and simultaneously to realize a large hatch.

Conclusion: 2015 will be the year of the Polo. Only VW shows the sixth generation of its bestseller to attack only briefly with a Polo SUV the Opel Mokka.